Cry-stal For Help is a HTFF Break.



Quartz is seen carrying a box full of crystals towards his gift shop, where Mag is secretly following him, who is plotting to steal them. He takes out his magnet arm and points it towards Quartz, stealing most of Quartz’s crystals inside of the box, much to his shock. He begins to start sliding towards Mag because of the massive crystal stuck deep between his quills, and grabs onto a light pole. Because of the crystal skewered deep inside, Quartz’s quills, skin, and a little bit of his flesh.

Despite most of Quartz’s lower half ripped off, the crystal somehow gets wrapped around his intestines, slowly disemboweling him. The intestines finally snap, sending the crystal straight towards Mag, impaling his body.


  • Quartz is disemboweled by Mag’s magnet.
  • Mag is impaled by Quartz’s crystal.


  • The title is a pun of the phrase "cry for help".
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