Cupcake is a character in Creepy Cryptid Friends and HTF.


Character Bio

Cupcake is a bluish-white unicorn with a red mane and a tall candy-striped horn on his head. He also has two scars; one across his right eye and a heart-shaped one on his flank.

As his name suggests, Cupcake has a sweet tooth for cupcakes and other sugary treats. His personality on the other hand is anything but sweet. He actually likes to think of himself as tough and tries to act tough - from training with a punching bag to getting into fights. Unfortunately, most people find him adorable, which doesn't sit well for him. If triggered enough, he won't hesitate to use his horn.

Another notable feature is that he has hooves instead of regular hands and feet. This could provide disadvantages for whenever he tries to hold or pick something up. On the upside, he can gallop gracefully on all fours and has a powerful kick.





  1. Good Eye - Falls off a cliff. (debatable)
  2. The Bucking Joke - Skewers himself with his horn.
  3. Have the Notes - Splattered into the ice.
  4. Lyre Choir - Squeezes his head until crushing it.


  • Horseplay - 2 ("Horse For Hire", "The Bucking Joke" along with Horns
  • Jackie - 2 ("Horse For Hire", "The Bucking Joke")
  • Cryptie - 1 ("Good Eye")
  • Nueve - 1 ("The Bucking Joke")
  • Marus - 1 ("The Bucking Joke")
  • Horns - 1 ("The Bucking Joke" along with Horseplay


  • He was originally a character given to a contest by another user, but didn't make the cut.
  • His original design and color scheme greatly resembled Princess Pony Head from Star Vs. The Forces of Evil.
  • Do NOT under any circumstances call him a brony.
  • His hooves were added as a later part of his design. Strangely enough, he is the first equine character in HTFF to have them.


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