Cute, but Dangerous! is an HTF medium length series which involves Melody Melancholy torturing the evil dudes in HTF. In some episodes, she gets help from another female.

If you want to submit an assistant/tortured guy to this short series, go here: User_blog:Brittonbubba/Who wants their evil characters in an episode?

Tortured Characters

  • Fliqpy (Tied up and pierced with a lot of needles)
  • Shao Kahn (Smacked around by his own hammer)
  • Goro (Mel did a striptease, causing Goro to have a nosebleed)
  • Al Capone (Suffered a kind of foot roasting with lit cigars)
  • Crazy (Was locked in stocks and blindfolded while in his straight jacket, and subjected to tickle torture)
  • Baby Face Quito (Subjected to foot whipping/bastinado, causing his feet to bleed)


  • Ale (Helped Mel turn Flippy into Fliqpy)
  • Grafitiy (Distracted Al Capone so Mel could knock him out)
  • Trixie (Hypnotized Baby Face Quito)

Names in other languages

Russian Симпатичный, но опасный! (Simpatichnyy, no opasnyy !) Cute, but Dangerous!
Spanish Lindo, pero peligroso! Cute, but Dangerous!
German Nett, aber gefährlich! Nice, but Dangerous!
Japanese かわいいですが、危ない! (Kawaīdesuga, abunai!) It Is Cute, It Is Dangerous!
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