Cute Wabbit is a Vote or Die contestant.
Cute Wabbit


Cute Wabbit, as his name says, is a cute rabbit. He is white with a pink stomach, white bunny slippers, and no buckteeth. He, oddly, has no tuft of fur on his head, like most rabbits. He is described as a character who always wants fun. He always tries to find fun, and usually finds his ways of fun by doing stuff with his friends. He has lots of friends, who usually die with him. While he sounds like a baby, his real age is unknown. However, when he tries to make friends, he usually does something that gets them arrested or killed. Sometimes, HE gets arrested for something he did, which can cause deaths.


  • He is going to compete with The Meerkat Clan on May 1st.
  • He believes in something known as the Werebunny, which he wears as a Halloween costume.
  • He could be an adult, because of his size, yet he could also be a teen due to his size.
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