Cuttles is a character of Coral Reef Friends .

Character Bio

Cuttles is a cuttlefish who acts very similar to Cuddles. He is generally kind and likes hanging out with friends, but also has a rebellious side as he enjoys pulling pranks and can be egocentric at times.

Like actual cuttlefish, Cuttles has the ability to change color and blend into his surroundings. He commonly uses this in pranks to scare other people or to live up to his reputation as champion hide-and-seeker. However, when he is camoflauged, he is most susceptible to danger as people wouldn't be able to see him.


  • First cuttlefish character.
  • His name is pronounced the same way Cuddles' is. He also has a similar voice.
  • His cheeks change color depending on his mood (green-default, red-angry, blue-sad, pink-affection)
  • He has unique pupils.
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