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"D-Do I look I care to you?"
- Daphne

Daphne is a mouse-deer who worked as both model actress and toy-maker at day. She is Mix's girlfriend, Salvia's eldest sister, and Campbell and Decha's daughter.

Personality and traits

Daphne is shown to be "both delightful and sour, as she has a bad temper for moments before changed back to her normally kind-hearted persona". Most of her friends know about this and have to wait until she is cooling down, otherwise, they will get yelled by her. Not only that, but Daphne also calls her friends by crude nicknames, especially for Mix, though she never wants to kick or hit him. Even then, she is a caring and understanding friend to them. She still loves Mix very deeply but won't admit it to either him or his friends.

While looking very feminine, she doesn't let her martial art lessons away from her and will strike anyone who did something bad to her and her family and friends. Daphne is brutally tough and strong enough to throw large people to the ground, however, she comes with acting first before thinking, a contrast to the Prank Duo. Even though of that, she can't defeat a large group of people by herself. Besides the strength, Daphne has weaknesses; spiders, feathers and pollen. As the former was due to her phobia, the latter two are her main allergies and will sneeze uncontrollably.

Other than above, Daphne is quite skilled in creating stuffed dolls and dresses, she will either sold or give them to children in need of charity. As her actress occupation didn't pay much as she expected, so she opened a small business of creating stuffed dolls in her house's garage.

Morton and Mix

Their friendship was started during their junior high school year, at first, Daphne was annoyed by their practical jokes but slowly got used to it, even on rare occasions, chuckled on it.


As being friends of The Prank Duo, they both are in neutral yet good terms. Daphne comes to her house for tea and has a conversation together with her.


She has once impressed by Irin's ability to understand and communicate with animals, even the wildest ones. She is even shocked by how she manages to survive from the beasts.

In construction


  1. Stay Negative, Daphne - Crushed by space satellite.
  2. This is It - Impaled by numerous bones and head cracked by Coconut's skull.
  3. Fire to The Pain - Face smashed by the fire extinguisher.
  4. Mixing the Doe - Flattened by donut's sign.
  5. One Scoob of Ice Cream - Killed by bomb.
  6. Our Hiro - Crushed by the Ferris wheel.
  7. Home Sour Home! - Squeezed by a rope.
  8. Winning Over Your Direction - Smashed by pieces of a wall.
  9. A Paws-Less Princess - Has her head cracked.
  10. Bad Luck's Path - Burnt to death.
  11. Go To Water Way - Ran over by a truck.
  12. Twice the Nice - Killed by ornament shards.
  13. Hop Sweet Home - Head impaled by broken fence pieces.
  14. No Hard Felines - Crushed by a shelf.
  15. Be a Doll - Ripped in half.
  16. Fetch a Quail of Water - Burns to death.
  17. Relic the Moment - Crushed and impaled by satellite dish.
  18. Pranks for Being Mine - Sneezes her brain out.
  19. Leaf It to Me - Stomped by big branch.

Percentage of the deaths occurring: 48.08%

Victims and killing counts

  • Emmy - 1 ("Fetch a Quail of Water")
  • Morton- 1 ("Pie Fishing")
  • Salvia - 1 ("Fangs a Lot")
  • Mix - 1 ("Pranks for Being Mine")

Percentage of the elimination: 02.00%

  • Information about her besides from her main biography:
    • She has trypophobia and arachnophobia.
    • She was born on 8th August.
    • She is half-Thai and half-Swedish.
    • She was not very smart at few school subjects, mostly mathematics and science. If Mix wasn't helping you, she wouldn't be graduated and be a model-actress.
  • She was originally going to be a fawn and named "Valencia". However, this has changed by making her into a mouse-deer and named "Daphne" instead, due to the creator has known to be interested in mouse-deer.
  • There are few jokes about her that have been created by the creator and others.
    • Because on how considering that she was pretty stupid, the creator calls her "Dumphne" which ended up becoming an inside joke as well insult name for her. Another insult names for her were Daffy, Dabby, and Daffine.
    • There was a joke that she was the one who teaches Mix about hitting and kicking techniques once.
    • Another inside joke that where she called as "youngest sister" by her friends, due to her day of birth is on August 8th.
  • In the date of July 17th 2019, she has shared with BlueTide, along with Mix's brother and mother.

Designs and developments

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