Dean is an orange duck, he is a good-hearted tree friend who likes to help his friends. Dean always wants to save his friends when they are in trouble, but is such a screw up, that he tends to get them, and sometimes himself killed. Despite his good nature, he has a violent side when his friends and loved ones are pushed around.

Similarities With DeanTheOne

He is based off DeanTheOne, so there are many similarities between them, some of those similarities are listed below.

  • Both are named Dean.
  • Both are 14.
  • They're birthdays are both October 9th.
  • Both are males who appear feminine, but aren't transgender, as they are alright with being male.
  • Both are Asian-American



  1. What A Choke
  2. Grabbing a Bully By the Horns


  1. Grabbing A Bully By The Horns: Is accidentally bitten by Melissa.

Kill Count

Bold means the kill is debatable.

Jeb- 1 (What A Choke)

Colton- 1 (Grabbing a Bully By the Horns)

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