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  1. Dean- A dumb, but good hearted orange duck who loves his friends. (Debut Appearence: What A Choke)
  2. Jeb- An unlucky blue wolf who is best friends with Dean. (Debut Appearence: What A Choke)
  3. Melissa- A pink spider who is in a romantic relationship with Dean. (Debut Appearence: Grabbing a Bully By the Horns)
  4. Colton- A blue frog that likes bullying other tree friends, especially Jeb. (Debut Appearence: Grabbing a Bully By the Horns)


Season 1

  1. What A Choke- Jeb starts choking on popcorn, and Dean is the only one who can save him, can he do it?
  2. Grabbing a Bully By the Horns- Colton loves bullying, no matter how badly he suffers for it, he never learns.
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