Decha is a fan character.


Decha is a brown mouse-deer who is Daphne and Salvia's father. He is an adventurer as well explorer, as he loves adventuring and exploring unfamiliar areas. He is very friendly, adventurous, brave and full with humors. He is a good father, as he always taking care of his children, teaching them, and sometimes giving them presents whenever he get home.

Decha likes to teach his children new things, however, his wife Campbell always watching on him and not letting him to tell Daphne and Salvia about some stuffs that they don't need to hear. As a father, he keeps his children safe and doesn't want his children get involved in some troubles.

According to the creator, he doesn't appear much in episodes since he is in some places other than town, Decha only appears on pictures. If he appears physically, then his deaths will be involving being crushed, burned, explosion, and animals.


Decha has green eyes, messy ash blonde hair, small freckles on his cheek, and facial hair. Like his son, he has legs that look more like a typical tree friend's. He wears an explorer outfit.





  1. Relic the Moment - Killed by Beddy.


  • He speaks in Thai accent.
  • Despite being brave, he has a great fear of spiders.