Decker is an HTFF Character.


Character Bio

Decker is a blue color bear who wears a bow tie themed like the British flag. Decker is confirmed to be from England and it shows very much not just from his name and bow tie but also from the fact that he is often seen doing stereotypical English things such as enjoying tea and beer, eating fish and chips and hanging with other English or British characters,

Decker is also shown to be very kind to everyone, even jerks. He will never get mad at another character and will almost always try to help someone, even if they don't want him too. However when Decker is drunk, he can be someone rude and may insult other characters, however he will apologize to them after sobering up. Decker is also a fan of the weather in general and enjoys being outside during storms. Due to his love of the weather, Decker can sometimes be shown working as a weather man and is also shown to dislike Doppler.

Most of his deaths involve his head or torso.


Starring roles

Featuring roles



  1. Double Decker: Implaed by Lumpy's antlers.
  2. Canoe dig it: Spine is broken.
  3. Lighten up a bit: Hung on Christmas lights.
  4. Bird Brain: Strangled by binocular neck strap.
  5. Monumental Trouble: Squashed by the London Eye.
  6. Garage Fail: Head cut in half by fire hose
  7. Music To My Stomache: Stabbed in the eye
  8. Pier Factor: Split vertically in half.
  9. Shocking Developments: electrocuted
  10. Curtain Call: Spine snaps from hitting the ground.
  11. Surprising Party: Explodes from banging sounds.
  12. The Dark Bird Rises: Car crashes into him.
  13. The Big Three Oh!; Killed by a bomb.
  14. Oh Say, Can You See That Flea?: Burnt by fire.
  15. United Europe: Killed by Boris.
  16. R.I.P. Waxy: Decapitated by Flippy.
  17. London Eye for An Eye: Crushed by a carriage.
  18. Brits United: Hole is drilled through his stomach.
  19. Bet Jurassic Can: Killed by a pterodactyl.
  20. Seal of Love: Splattered into the wall.
  21. No Living Clothes: Sliced into pieces.


  1. Bird Brain: Impaled in eye by twig and cut by thorns (before death)
  2. Drinking About You: Tongue burnt by hot tea.
  3. Tea Off: Face burned