List of scenes that were removed from episodes or episodes that were never finished. Also includes scrapped characters.

Deleted scenes

Scrapped episodes

  • Bones vs. Brawns: The plot was unknown and was replaced with Three Feet and Rising.
  • Lil' Boomer: An Aussie Outback Friends episode whose plot was unknown.
  • Joy to the Squirrel and Seal: Was deleted due to the lack of ideas and its plot being similar to The Amazing World of Gumball episode.
  • When Crafty Meets Paws: The plot was unknown, but its concept would later be used in Paws for the Camera and Paw and Order.
  • King of the Happy Tree Friends Hill: A crossover with King of the Hill was scrapped as Yellow-spider-kitty lost interest in the actual King of the Hill series.
  • I Will Sue You: A plot invovling all character sues, was mentioned in Comic-Con 2013.
  • Poles Apart: Reason unknown.

Scrapped characters

  • Freakers and Gorny: A handcuffed axolotl and penguin, was scrapped due to being too similar to Goof and Crabby.
  • Squirt: An Aussie Outback Friends character made by Lord O' Darkness that was removed and remade into Pipsqueak/Cocktail.
  • The Catfish Bros: A trio of performing catfish made by Lord O' Darkness.


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