Demonpluto X. Smither's Mom (new form)

Demonpluto X. Smither's Mom

Demonpluto X. Smither's mom is a prairie dog who's the mother of Demonpluto X. Smither.
Name DXP's Mom
Age 47
Birthdate December 1st, 1964
Relatives Demonpluto X. Smither




Kill Count

A Bit of A Prairie Dog


Prairie Dog

Possibly over 60

Kill Count

  • Demonpluto X. Smither - 1 (A Bit of a Prairie Dog)
  • Tunak Tunak Tuned Party - Possibly over 60 (A Bit of a Prairie Dog)


  • She is one of the mother characters, the first was Giggles' Mom.
  • She is the first mother character to kill her son by an accident.
  • She might be based off Futility from da Smittia Phillips aka Nathan Phillips's Smittia's Futility who is a game from and Which she was a mom master girl and the fan-character of the year on April 16, 2010 (where Lammy's first episode premiered).