Demony is fan character.

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Name Demony
Gender Female
Interests Souls, Tourtuing The Evil
Species Demonic Fox
Color Black (inside), Purple (glow)
Age 10 Billion +
Size .
Friends/Allies CJ, Bannah, Any Satanist
Enemies/Rivals Disco Bear, Elemental, Tundra, any one who's horrible enough to be seen to hell
Love Interests The Demon (slight crush)
Kill Count TBA
Death Count 1
First Appearance Hands On A Soul
First Victim TBA
First Death Picking at a Squab


Demony is a demon fox who lives in hell. Her main goal is to be mean to evil people. She loves it, but is very aggressive. Her main goal is to sureve as the YSK version of Satan. She's also may mess with people's souls, mostly the evil ones. Beyond that, while she is strong her main weaknesses are Krytonut, Crosses and water.


  • She is from Deadlydark's adoption.
  • Her gowl is preamant.
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