Diamond is a fanon character.


Diamond is a white caracal in a blue princess dress and is the older (biological) sister of Paws. She moved to after her house brunt down along with her other family members. Although she may not be royalty, she is extremely fancy and well class, despite this, she does have the tendency to mess with Paws a lot. Besides she, she is actually highly trained with knives (specifically bow knives) and can be an extremely tough fighter.

While she may mess with her, She does still have a special bond with Paws. Mostly cause, she herself lost her right leg in said fire, and as a result has to have a prosthetic one.






  • Flippy - 1 ("Diamond in the Rough")
  • Howdy - 1 ("Diamond in the Rough" along with Fliqpy)
  • Cub - 1 ("From Musk to Paws")
  • Pop - 1 ("From Musk to Paws")


  1. Happy Paw-lidays - Dies in house explosion (offscreen).
  2. In The Air Tonight - Electrocuted.
  3. She Combined Me wth Science - Shot by Test Dumby (Revived in the follow-up episode)
  4. From Musk to Paws - Crushed by her family's car.


  • She's the first Carscal in HTFF.
  • She came from Purple's adoption blog.
  • Some art work doesn't have her tiara, likely because it's hard to draw.


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