Die-section is a fanon HTF game.



The player is a student in a biology classroom. After a dead Frog King is dissected, the player's hand-eye coordination and motor skills are tested. Sniffles will mention a certain body part and the player must find it in the Frog King's body, receiving a strike (indicated by a heart monitor) if done wrong. Three strikes will result in the Frog King's corpse being blown to bits and a janitor, Flippy, cleaning up the bloody mess.


A knife is used as a cursor. Depending of the device, an option is selected when the mouse is clicked or the screen is tapped.


  • Mouse/track pad - Control knife, select body part
  • P button - Pause
  • Q button - Quality control


  • The game is similar to the Operation board game.
  • Flippy has his flipped-out look when he cleans up the mess.
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