Digit is a character of HTFF.


Digit is a yellow monkey who is very obsessed with video games almost everytime. Digit wears a pair of glasses and read headset. His also often changes his headsets into a brown flat hat sometimes.

Digit, obviously a monkey gamer has a huge obsession with video games. He will buys video games more instead of other important things. It's very rare to see him without any consoles or any game-related on his hand, even brings it to outside or the town.

He pretty active into most things mostly when it's comes into gaming. He begin to throws tantrum and yells at everyone if he losing. If he wins, he mostly being proud of himself and can be an egomaniac. He also likes challenges. He also owns a TreeTube channel that only shows his gaming.

The worse side of Digit is how he always sees surrounding like he is inside the game and also acts like he's in it. This causing Digit can become very troublesome one in the town as he always prefer virtual over reality. His obsession towards video games can effects to himself and also others if they not careful with him.






  1. Funky, I'm Home - Crushed by a TV screen.
  2. Turtle Crusher - Head mauled by Snapper.
  3. Son of a Glitch - Ran over by a car.

Kill Count


  • Digit is exactly similar to Nutty's character in False Alarm but less crazier than Nutty. His intensity only comes when he plays video games.
  • Digit was originally named Code but then changed for some reasons.
  • Digit often uses other type or style of glasses but he actually doesn't have any eye or sight problems.


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