Dino Digs is a character of HTFF.


Character Bio

Dino Digs is an indeterminate species, as he is always in a purple dinosaur suit. He constantly tries to get out but the zipper is stuck. Whenever he finds someone, they would either run away from him or misinterpret his words. This is because the face of his suit always keeps the same expression no matter his mood.

Since he is unable to see through the suit, he often obliviously lands in various situations. In fact, he unknowingly has a job as a child entertainer. Unfortunately, the children he encounters usually get frightened of his appearance, and end up being killed by him (especially since he cannot see them).

His deaths usually occur in a way to hide his true identity. At most, only his organs and blood would be shown and not his skin or bones. When he talks, it sounds as if he's chuckling. Despite this, he isn't usually happy, but in fact he's gone crazy from being stuck inside that suit for so long.


Starring Roles

Featuring Roles



  1. Dino Might Not - Crushed by stage light.
  2. Dino See, Dino Do - Bleeds to death.
  3. Dino Dead - Breaks his neck.
  4. Imperfect Views - Beheaded.
  5. Because You're Famous - Head bursted.
  6. Off Camera - Blown up into the sky.
  7. Emo G - Neck snapped (offscreen).
  8. Dine-osaur Out - Upper half impaled by glass shards.

Kill count

  • Hatchy - 1 ("Dino Might Not")
  • Mole - 1 ("Dino Might Not") 
  • Cub - 1 ("Dino See, Dino Do")
  • Brushy - 1 ("Dine-osaur Out")
  • Petunia - 1 ("Dine-osaur Out")
  • Spitfire - 1 ("Dine-osaur Out")
  • Zee - 1 ("Dine-osaur Out")


  • His name was coined by RandomzSunfish23901 when the character's profile was first released in a contest.
    • This isn't the character's actual name, but the name of the dinosaur he plays. The character himself has an unknown name.
  • He is based off of Barney the Dinosaur and the jokes that poke fun at him. Dino Digs' voice sounds vaguely like Barney's.
  • Similar to the Mole, he may not be completely blind, as he may sometimes know if something/someone is near.
  • On August 22 2015, he was given away to User:Potatoes-knishes.


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