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"Don't be a drag. Get down and dance! Can you dig it?"
-Alliteration for canon Internet Seasons 3 and 4

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Disco Bear is a golden bear with 1970s style clothes and an afro. He likes disco dancing and girls. When someone gets hurt, he mistakes their movements of pain for dance moves. His catchphrase is "Oh Yeeeeeaaaaaah!" in a deep voice.

Fan Considered Theme Songs

  • Play That Funky Music- Wild Cherry
  • Somebody to Love- Jefferson Airplane
  • Together Forever- Rick Astley


  • He knows over 100 dance moves.
  • He is a fan of Michael Jackson.
  • He is jealous of Cuddles because Giggles is in love with him.
  • He's also jealous of Handy because Petunia is in love with him.
  • He's jealous of 89Q because there are a lot of girl members in his team.
  • He is Caityn's Ex-boyfriend. They broke up BEFORE he met Cookie.
  • He has a girlfriend named Cookie (not the flying squirrel one) who loves him despite him trying to flirt with the other girls.
  • 72E really hates him. He even trashed his hope for other girls for just meeting 72E. And of course she's an FBI-sue.
  • Puffles has a crush on him.
  • He is a true summer lover and called 12M 'a poor polar bear still getting cold'. Team Traxion decided to sue him, and eventually, Disco bear had to pay a lot of fine.


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