Do or Diamond is a HTFF Break.




Lifty and Shifty break into Quartz' shop, where they begin putting large amounts of jewelry into a burlap sack. They stop to see Quartz asleep, being attracted to the crystal stuck to his quills.

The brothers sneak quietly towards Quartz. However, Lifty steps on glass shards on the floor and is forced to hold in his scream. While Shifty continues sneaking, Lifty runs around, stepping on more shards, until coming to an open window. He lets out such a loud scream that it startles Quartz, his quills impaling Shifty just before he could grab the crystal.

Shifty stumbles into Lifty and they fall out the window, the sack of jewels landing on top of them. Quartz looks out the window to see most of his jewels shattered, groaning about the mess he'll have to clean up.


  1. Lifty and Shifty are either crushed by their sack or pierced by the jewels inside.


  • This is the first time Quartz appears in HTF Break. This is also his first starring role.
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