Dokie is a character who won idyemyhairpink33's 100th contest.


Dokie is an azure wild dog with a periwinkle dress and black hair.

Dokie is an obsession fan girl, she will find one person to idolize and to temporarily devoid their life to said person, Dokie, She often resorts to stalking those she worships. And eventually plans on killing them.

Cause of many she her as an innocent girl, a lot tend to let her get her ways. In addition to being fucked up, she is also a complete spoiled brat, and often tries to buy expensive things, for herself.


  • She won idyemyhairpink33's 100th character contest.
  • Dokie might be the first wild dog in the series.
  • Dokie is based of real life person Ricardo Lopez, aka the Bjork stalker.
  • You know you done fucked up, when even Samantha thinks you have issues.
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