Don't Spread your Germs is a fanon episode of HTF. This episode introduces Germy the pathologist badger.
Snot bubble

This is "snot" good...






At his clinic, Doc checks up with Sickly. Over the past few weeks he has been taking a medicine which was supposed to heal him, but with no effect. Doc believes he should take it to the next level.

Doc brings Sickly to Germy's lab. Germy tells Sickly to open his mouth and then puts a popsicle stick on his tongue. He puts the stick under a microscope, revealing thousands of wild savage germs. Germy says this is the worst case he has seen yet and suggests surgery.

Sickly is put on a table lying down. Germy and Doc put him to sleep with a bedtime story. Doc then uses his scalpel to cut open Sickly's nose. At this very moment, mucus shoots out everywhere, until Germy puts a bandage over Sickly's nose. Germy and Doc try to think of another way to perform the operation.

Unbeknowest to either of them, Sickly's cleared up nose allows more mucus to come out. A snot bubble forms and gets bigger each time Sickly snores. Doc and Germy turns to see the bubble. They try to wake up Sickly but fail. The bubble gets so big it lifts the clinic off the ground. Germs spread all over Doc and eat him. They crowd around Germy who defends himself with Doc's scalpel. Unfortunately, Germy trips and the scalpel causes the snot bubble to pop.

Petunia walks below on the ground, when the snot splashes all over her. She screams until Sickly lands on top of her. Sickly wakes up and feels he can breathe clearly as all his mucus is gone. However, he sneezes and a bubble of blood comes out of his nose, popping as the iris closes on it.


  1. Doc is eaten by germs.
  2. Germy and the germs die when the bubble pops/explodes.
  3. Petunia is crushed by Sickly.


  • This is Germy's debut appearance.
  • A submarine resembling the one Sniffles used in I've Got You Under My Skin can be seen in Germy's lab.
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