At the hospital, Raymond has built a helmet connected to a TV, which he places on his head. His dream as shown on a nearby TV, with himself going inside a program with an tropical island where he floats to a hammock. Air heady the janitor suddenly arrives, finds the remote and decides to watch TV, unaware that Raymonds' helmet was wired to it.

Air heady changes the channel, bringing Raymond to the old west where he is impaled by three arrows. The channel changes again to bring Raymond under the sea. Then Raymond is brought into outer space, where he is frozen and a speeding comet smashes him to bits.

Unsatisfied with what's on, Air heady clicks the remote again. Raymond is shown alive again, with a tray of cookies and proceeds to put them in an oven. However the channel is changed and he ends up in a guillotine and is decapitated. Next, he is put on a game show and spins a wheel, only to end up detonating a bomb. Raymond then winds up in a war zone and gets smashed by a large door.

Now, Raymond finds himself swinging from a vine, but smashes into a tree, penetrating a stick through his heart. Then, he is shown (whole body wrapped around with rope), being roasted over a bonfire. Then being impaled by a metal pipe. After that he is being given a massage, until his bed inexplicably closes on him.

As Air heady keeps clicking the remote, he overpowers the TV. He finally leaves, and Raymond has become mentally paralyzed. The next day, Ruby brings him to watch TV, showing the island from the beginning of last night's program, worrying Raymond.


"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today."

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