Dreamlings are monstrous creatures that lived in a dream realm, they feed dreams and liked causing nightmares. They can take a form of present people, but only if they have deal with the Dreamlings, the people who had deal with them with trapped in dream realm in long time. The Dreamlings have unique appearances depending on where were they dreams in.

Physical appearances

Dreamlings have mixed-up between two or more species appearances, each of them have different number and color of eyes, they always have sharp teeth, some of them might be have hairs while others don't, their colors is depending on the dreams is (e.g if the dreams take place on woods, then the Dreamlings have color palette of green), and they also have symbols on their chest. Some of their appearances are very different than other Dreamlings.

Dreamlings Sea

Dreamling Sea Ver

The normal one is left, the aggressive one is right

Dreamlings Sea have one eye, fish fins on their side of head and hip, tail of a fish, and wings of a wyvern as their arms. They do have mouths, only it isn't visible. They have color palette of blue and purple. There are the normal Dreamlings Sea and the aggressive Dreamlings Sea.

The normal one has a dark indigo eye with light grayish blue pupil, fish fins on their side of head and hip, tail of a fish, and wings of a wyvern as its arms. It has a symbol of crescent moon with a dot at central of it, six small lines on side of it that resemble fish fins, and tail of a fish. The aggressive one has the inverted color of the normal Dreamlings Sea's eye, its fish fins is larger than the normal one as well its wings and at the end tail of a fish is large.

Dreamlings Woods


Dreamlings Desert


Dreamlings Cave


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