Dumb teacher

Wooly would make better progress as a kindergarten teacher

In this episode, Several tree friends are taking a driving test but with one problem. Wooly is the driving test teacher and exam!





A couple of tree friends are seen taking the exam with Wooly as their teacher. However each of them (except Nippy and Puffy) are answering with bad answers. However Wooly, unable to understand the tests, marks all the tests as passed. Causing everyone to be amazed that they passed. The next day, the tree friends are taking a driving a test with Wooly being the teacher again.

The first one up is Elliott. He drives the car rather good at first, however, just when he can make it back, he falls asleep and he crashes, causing him to crash into a woodchipper that Robo Star was near, causing him to scream in horror as Elliott gets shredded alive.

Next up is Puffy. Like Elliott, he is drving okay, but when he sees a cardboard car cutout driving by, (it was supposed to teach him to stop) he freaks out and crashes onto a real road, where he is ran over.

Then it is Superspeed's turn. He is driving all over the place, crashing into the cones, signs, cardboard cut outs, and also ends up running over Pranky who was about to prank him. He crashes into a wall and dies instantly.

Then it is Fatty's turn, however, he is so fat, his stomach bursts as he struggles to get into the car and his intestines fly everywhere.

When Sir Gron drives, he is doing fine, however, Pranky (before death) placed a banana peel on the road, Sir Gron's car spins around and crashes, although Sir Gron survived, his entire skeletal body is destroyed, Sir Gron screams in horror and his head rolls away.

Finally it is Nippy's turn. She is driving excellently until she sees a knife, she flips out and tackles a random tree friend and disappears in the bush.

After that Wooly is seen with all of the dead bodies of Elliott, Puffy, Superspeed and Fatty, Sir Gron's skeltal body and Nippy and congratulates them, however, Nippy sees the knife again and she flips out offscreen and kills Wooly.


  1. Elliott is shreded in a woodchipper
  2. Puffy is ran over
  3. Pranky is run over by Superspeed
  4. Superspeed crashes
  5. Fatty's guts explode
  6. A generic tree friend is killed by Nippy
  7. Wooly is killed by Nippy offscreen


  1. Sir Gron's skeletal body is destroyed, leaving only his head and a few bones.


  • Robo Star, Sir Gron and Nippy are the only characters to survive in this episode.
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