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Dull Like Me is a HTF Fanon episode.

Giggles now looks less girly and more boring.

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Mono is taking a leisurely stroll down town, when Nutty passes by. Mono sighs at Nutty and continues on his walk. Meanwhile Sniffles works on a new laser gun. Sniffles makes a few finishing touches and fires the laser at an apple. The laser hits the apple and all the color drains from it. Sniffles smiles at this discovery and sets the laser down only to slip and make the laser shoot. The laser goes flying and hits a nearby radio tower, sending waves of energy around town.

The waves hit Josh who is painting a picture of Giggles, who is modeling nearby, and the color drains from them both. A now colorless Josh looks at his picture and frowns at the colors, so he recolors it with black paint. The waves then hit Ace and Spectrum as they chat with each other. The color drains from Ace and several nearby characters but Spectrum remains the same. Confused by this, Spectrum goes to get help only to be attack due to his bright colors.

At this time Mono passes by Lumpy who is flying a kite, when the waves hit. All the color drains from Lumpy and his kite are drained of color. Mono sees this and is shocked for a moment but the a smile spreads over his face. A montage then takes place of Mono living his life in a new dull world, but soon Mono gets bored of it all. Unable to stand it any longer Mono tries to come up with a way to return everyone to normal when he then spots a still colored Sniffles in his lab. 

Mono goes up to Sniffles and asks him to help and Sniffles explains he has just made a ray gun that can fix this. Mono thanks Sniffles and Sniffles then shoots the ray gun at the radio tower making new waves. The waves hit Josh and Giggles and their color returns but then both melt into a puddle of color. This same thing happens all over town and the episode ends with Mono and Sniffles walking away.


"Let You Colors Shine"


  1. Spectrum is attacked by Ace, Mime and Nutty.
  2. Everyone but Mono and Sniffles melt.