Dusk is a HTFF character



Dusk is a black bat with orange wings that go from black near his arms to orange at the ends. He also wears a pair of yellow rain boots and has a brown tuft of hair on his head. Dusk thrives at night and is rarely seen in the morning. Due to this this and him being a bat, some characters may mistake him for a vampire and flee in terror from him or if their like Cryptie, try to capture him. However Dusk is also actually very squeamish and freaks out at even the smallest amount of blood.

Dusk has a sister named Dawn. Dusk is the more responsible of the two and often tries to save his sister from danger, even if their isn't any there at all. Dusk is actually shown to be rather paranoid when it comes to his sister and if she ends up missing he will think the worst.

Dusk lives in a deadwood tree in the middle of the graveyard.

Dusk's Best friend is Graves

Episode Roles





  1. Luck Of The Draw - Sliced to pieces.
  2. Crypt-o-night - Crashes into The Mole.
  3. Vamped Up - Impaled on a fence.
  4. Hearing Vision - Ran over by Derpsie.
  5. Fiery Lantern - Burned into ashes.
  6. Glowing By Myself - Upper torso sliced by the tire.
  7. After Wild - Strangled to death.
  8. Hop-py Holidays - Crashed into.
  9. Down Sin The Dumps - Head vertically sliced in half.
  10. Till All Powers Cut - Electrocuted and disintegrated.

Kill Counts


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