Easter Fiesta is a DVD all about Easter.

It is a 50 minute easter special, Easter might get more, or forget some, or give the wrong thing!


  1. Real Neal: It rains chocolate drops, so Easter has more chocolate stuff to bring to the other HTF's.
  2. Toothy of Roothy: Easter gives the wrong thing to Toothy.
  3. Eggs Marks the Spot: Easter's holiday goods are stolen, so she must find another batch of eggs to deliver.
  4. Egg-cellent Service: Nutty covets Cotton's extravagant egg.
  5. Get Eggy With It: After inexplicably turning pink, Pranky comes up with an Easter prank.
  6. Golden Opportunity: Angie's sphere is hidden by the Easter bunny and she must scramble to find it.

Special Features

  • Bonus episode: Shell Raiser
  • Interactive game: Find all the hidden Easter eggs
  • Bloopers
  • Storyboards
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