After Spyguy takes a bath, he dries his hair. The mailman Puffy then gets burned by sunlight. Spyguy gets his mail, but his hair gets burned. The hair stylist Homer Simpson is putting a hot towel on CavemanFilms, then Spyguy comes, but Homer Simpson cuts off all of his hair. Spyguy then runs away, but CavemanFilms has half of his skin off. Spyguy sees a wig, but Buddy buys it, making Hippy and Meaty fall in love with her. Weebit buys a cotton candy from Snorkels, only for Spyguy to put his head in it and buy some cotton candy for himself. He goes to a bus stop, but Derpy Hooves takes a bite of the cotton candy and steals his other cotton candy, but a sprinkler melts it, then another one stabs her. The blood melts the cotton candy Spyguy holding. He then sees Mr. Burns and Discord with some hair growth formula. Spyguy takes them. Toad and Splendid are in a car. Spyguy drops one of the growth formula on Toad, causing his quills to grow and kill Splendid. Robo Star is cutting the hedge, only for Hammy to get hit by the hair growth formula on his head and get cut in half. Sniffles is drinking soda, then he takes one of the hair growth formula, but the hair grows inside his body. He then barfs out some of his guts. Spyguy pours the liquid in his bath tub, then jumps in it, but his eyes get covered in hair. He then falls into his bathtub. Homer Simpson styles his hair outside of his house. Meanwhile, CavemanFilms puts a napkin on his face, but it sucks up some blood.


Don't split hairs!

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