Elliott learns why sleeping is dangerous in his all new smoochie!

Idle Animations

  • Elliott begins to fall asleep, but gets back up.
  • Elliott hugs his pillow.



A bed rolls over to Elliott. Elliott proceeds to sleep on it, but his foot is pushed off by a spring. Elliott screams as blood pours out of his missing foot. A few more springs impale Elliott. After having been impaled in the heart, he dies. As the option ends, Elliott's head is suddenly impaled and his brain is exposed.


A blanket falls on top of Elliott. Elliott looks happily at it. A bunch of cold air suddenly blows, so Elliott puts it on and falls asleep. However, the air blows the blanket away and he freezes to death.


A pile of leaves appears next to Elliott. Hippy's hand passes him a rake. Elliott begins to rake, but gets tired and sleepwalks. A few leaves impale Elliott's body. Soon, he walks into the rake and is impaled in the head by it.


  • Hippy's hand comes out from the side of the screen in Sleepwalk to pass Elliott a rake.
  • Elliott's death in "Bed" is similar Petunia"s death in Hello Dolly
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