Ava happily runs through the forest, holding a large yellow lollipop in front of her. She trips over a log, which causes the lollipop to get lodged in her eye socket. Screaming, she pulls on the lollipop's stick, forcing her eye, and the optic nerve connecting it to her head, to fly out of her head and get tangled around a tree branch.

Ava in the fan version of Eye Candy.

Ava tries pulling on her optic nerve, but that doesn't work. Crying, she begins climbing the tree. When she reaches the branch her eye is resting on, we get a view for how difficult it is for Ava to see with both of her eyes pointed in different directions.

Ava reaches for her eye, but unfortunately a woodpecker lands on the branch and starts pecking her eye. Recoiling from the pain, Ava falls off of the branch and eventually stops falling when her optic nerve acts as a bungee cord. Ava tries climbing back up her optic nerve, but she loses her grip and slides down again.

Flailing in agony, Ava's brain is pulled out from her eye socket followed by her other eye as Ava falls the ground a few feet below her. Before the episode ends, the bird defecates on Ava's head.

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