"Eye Heart You" is a HTFF episode.


At the fair, Mole went to a carnival stand where Mime was throwing balls to knock down the bottles. Mole joined in and grabbed a ball to throw it. It ricochet around the fair. At a bench, Giggles attempted to greet Stacy only to get hit in the eye, causing Stacy, Lilly, and Joy to scream in horror. The ball was suddenly flying towards Vincent, but as Vincent ducked, Toothy and Flaky got hit in the stomach, killing them. Vincent looked around and he gasped in shock that Mole had a hole in his head, Giggles was screaming that she lost her left eye and Mime was freaking out over the deaths.

Later in the hospital, Lumpy was giving Giggles an eyepatch over her lost left eye and several bandages on her wounds. As she got out of the hospital with a sad face, she thought she is the only tree friend to have an eyepatch until she saw Russell, surprised. In the theaters, Vincent was seen holding hands with Stacy while Stacy took her kids to a movie, as well as Freddy Fly and Nubs. Giggles and Russell went to the same movie that the couple were going to.

Later they went to a fancy restaurant dating, as the scene shows Cuddles looking at the them, annoyed. Later, outside, Russell asked Giggles that if she will marry him. Giggles attenpted to say yes, only for a car to run over the two. Rocky, the driver, was listening to his rock music until he crashed into a tree, causing his heart to fly out and hit Vincent's legs, making him grossed out.


"Always care about your loved ones."


  • Toothy and Flaky's stomachs were pierced through by the ball.
  • Mole's head was hit by the ball.
  • Giggles and Russell got run over by Rocky.
  • Rocky died in a car crash, causing his heart to pop out.


  • Giggles lost her left eye.


  • This is the first time Vincent, Rocky, Nubs, and Freddy Fly appear together since their last appearances.
  • This episode may possibly mark Vincent's first romantic interest in Stacy.
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