Jussy and Toothy in the fan version of Eyes Cold Lemonade.

Toothy and Jussy happily sit at their lemonade stand, awaiting customers. Jussy sighs contently, and Toothy pours her some lemonade. Jussy gladly drinks it, while Toothy, noticing they are out of lemonade, grabs a knife and a lemon. He gets ready to cut into the lemon, but he makes sure to move his finger to avoid accidentally cutting himself.

After slicing the lemon in half, Toothy notices a nail from the lemonade stand's sign has fallen off. He looks up to see that part of the sign has become detached from the stand. The sign swoops down in front of him, slicing most of his face off. Toothy screams in pain and Jussy spits out her lemonade, in shock after seeing what happened, all over Toothy's face. The citric acid from the lemons burns Toothy's face and he screams even more.

The scene changes and we see that Jussy has reset the sign, only now with far more nails than before. Satisfied with her work, Jussy starts squeezing lemons again. Toothy, on the other hand, has bandages wrapped around most of his face, including both of his eyes. He blindly reaches for a lemon and goes to work cutting it in half.

Another nail falls from the sign, only now from the other end. The sign begins sliding downwards towards Jussy. Jussy notices this, but not in time. The sign crushes her head against the side of the lemonade stand, killing her.

One of her eyeballs comes loose from her head and rolls over to Toothy. Toothy picks up the eye, thinking it's a lemon, and slowly cuts it in half. He then squeezes the fluid out of the eye and pours the juice into a glass. Toothy drinks the fluid and obviously doesn't like the taste. He adds some sugar to the fluid, puts some icecubes in the glass, and places a slice of Jussy's eye on the rim of the glass.

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