'False Alarm' is a fan game, which is actually a playable version of the official False Alarm's old concept. Unlike its official 3D counterpart, it's a 2D game which uses the old concept of False Alarm as mentioned before. It's created using a program called Game Maker. The controls merely involve a click using a mouse.


The player controls either The Mole or Lumpy (you can switch between characters by clicking one of them). Just like the old concept shown in the Burn After Reading blog in HTF Social, The Mole sprays water while Lumpy throws a match. Even the whole environment is the same as one of the screenshots in the blog. The objective of the game is to extinguish fire from Petunia and her house.

Just like mentioned before, The Mole sprays water. The water is mainly used to extinguish fire. However, it can't go through the house and since it conducts electricity, spraying water to electrical outlets can kill either Petunia or The Mole himself. As for Lumpy, he throws a match. The match is already lit, so it can burn objects that it hits. It's highly vital due to the fact that the water can't directly go inside the house. The match can also burn power lines, enabling some safety to The Mole's spray. However, the house comes with two explosives outside the house, so if the player tries to burn to roof, he/she should immediately switch to The Mole and spray the water quickly. Even a careless throw can lead to an explosion if the match is directly thrown at the explosives.

After you managed to make an opening to the house, you can spray the fire inside the house. Once all the fire are gone, you win.


  • This game has only one level.
  • There's a glitch which causes The Mole to die if he sprays the burned power lines, even though it seems safe. It's still unknown whether it's actually a glitch or just intentional.
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