Far Out Bro is a HTF Fanon episode.

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Pop is in his attic with Cub doing some spring cleaning. As they clean, Pop stumbles upon a box full of pictures. Confused Pop looksa t the pictures and is shocked to find baby pictures of himself with Disco Bear. After looking at more pictures Pop comes to the conclusion that he and Disco Bear are related. With new discovery Pop rushes downsatirs and calls Disco Bear on the phone.

Soon Disco Bear arrives with a look of shock on thier face. Trying to figure their past out Pop dicides they need to talk. Disco Bears goes first and starts talking about growing up with his day. A flashback is seen of a bear dressed like a disco dancer but with red clothes holding a young Disco Bear while flirting with a GTF. The gtf screams and slaps the bear. POp laughs at this and talks about growing up with his mom. A flashback shows a well dressed feamle bear holding a young Pop while reading a book. 

Pop suddenly gets an idea and calls his mother. On the phone Pop asks about his dad and tells her he knows about his bother. Pop's mom starts to cry and explains that his dad and her broke up and split the kids. With this all figured out, Pop and Disco Bear decide to get to know each other better. Just then a crash is heard and Pop finds Cub crushed by boxes in the attic.


  1. Cub is crushed by boxes.


  1. Lumpy can be seen in one of the pictures.
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