Fare is Fair is a HTF Fanon game.

Game Description

Sometimes life is not fare and Tromp is no exception. Help the homeless pay his cab fare by working for Chompy and earning some lovely cash.


The game begins with a comic depicting Tromp getting a ride in Chompy's taxi only for him to have no money at the end to pay for it sp Chompy makes him work for it by driving the taxi. The game then starts and the player controls Tromp and the taxi with the arrow keys and spacebar. The player uses the up and down arrows to switch lanes and the left and right arrows to speed up and slow down along with the space bar to honk the horn.

Each level begins with Tromp picking up a passenger and then he heads off. To complete a level, the player must get the passenger to their stop, which is father away with level prgession. Along with the distance being an obstacle the player has to keep the taxi from hitting objects and characters by switching lanes or using the horn. If the player hits something four times its game over. The player can also collect.coins for points and cans of gas as health.

Their are a total of 13 levels plus a bonus level.



Tromp is shown paying Chompy.


The taxi explodes


The things Tromp can hit are as listed

  1. Several different cars.
  2. A crate.
  3. Lumber.
  4. Toxic barrels.

Characters that can be hit are

  1. Mime
  2. The Mole
  3. Roadkill
  4. Nutty

Playable Characters

Unlockable characters


The passengers are

  1. Flaky
  2. Giggles
  3. Russell
  4. Handy
  5. Jock
  6. Howdy


  1. The selected character is killed when the taxi explodes.
  2. Any of the passengers gets killed when the taxi explodes.
  3. The Mole, Mime, Roakill and Nutty can be hit by the taxi.
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