Feeling Antsy is a fan-made episode of Happy Tree Friends.




Flippy watches as Sniffles sticks his tongue in an anthill. The tongue bursts in on a family of ants, who respond by hammering a stake into his tongue, shredding it with a cheese grater while putting lemon juice on it, and chopping it with an electric saw. Meanwhile, above the ground, Sniffles is in distress, and Flippy tries to pull him out of the anthill, but to no avail. The ants then throw a can of gasoline into Sniffles's mouth, and light the gasoline on fire. The gasoline goes right up his tongue and ends up blowing Sniffles up. Flippy, traumatized by the event, turns into Fliqpy. The ants crawl out and celebrate Sniffles's death, but Fliqpy squashes them like the insects they are, and walks away.

Deaths and injuries

  1. Sniffles ends up having a stake put in his tongue, and it also gets shredded by a cheese grater while lemon juice is squirted on it. It then gets cut by a saw.
  2. Due to the ants throwing a can of gas into his stomach and lighting up his tongue, Sniffles explodes.
  3. Flippy squashes the ants with his foot.


  • This episode is a re-imagining of the episode "Crazy Ant-ics", with Flippy being a guest character in it.
  • The episode also ends differently, with the ants being squashed by Flippy.
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