Filthy Act is a HTFF episode.


Abra begins her act show to entertain the audience, A little later, The spotlight goes onto someone else when Abra shockly looks. It was Meaty chewing his food on the stage, It made Abra so furious and angry which she yelled at him, Meaty refuses, But Abra warns him if he keeps it up, He'll call the cops on him. Then Meaty vomits, Making the audience gasps and groan in disgust, Really angered Abra more.

Later when her place is closed for cleaning up, She called all her magician friends over to help cleaning up, Including Meaty for a punishment. As the magicians were cleaning, Shezam just can't stand the vomit which makes her vomit and vomits on Kazamie and it made her screamed and ran to the bathroom to clean up, Abra gets annoyed with that.

Suddenly she hears chewing and it was Meaty chewing food again, Abra yells at him more, Meaty hides for sorry. Pocus was cleaning next to the hooks when Meaty was gonna come out when he accidentally bumps his head on a lever and fell down causing to pull another lever which made a hook that was hooked onto Pocus' cape goes up, Making Pocus scream for help, Abra heard her scream and scolded on Meaty who ran, Abra was gonna get her down, But her cape gets loosen from her and she falls down, Abra uses her hat to make her fall into, But she splatted to the floor when she had it in the wrong spot which even Pocus' cape came down and cover her dead corpse.

Abra scolded on Meaty that she's gonna call the cops on him now, She puts hand into her hat to get the phone, But mistakenly pulls another lever which causes a sand bag to plummet down over Magic when she screeches as it crashes onto her. Abra gasps in mistake and groans, Until she got the phone and calling the cops.

Meaty doesn't wanna be arrested and runs, When Kazamie came out of the bathroom, Meaty bumps into her making her fall backwards and smashes her head into the mirror which then has her dead head into the toilet. Shezam freaks out on the corpse and vomits more, Making Meaty slip on the vomit and slides past Trixie, Knocking her over, Hitting the shelf of act stuff which fell onto her and crushes her and Meaty smashes through the outside door when Savaughn arrived to arrest him.

After that Abra saw all the mess with filthy food, Corpse and vomits, So she use her magic to clean it up. She winks happily at the clean place, But not noticing another sand bag came down and crushes her. It ended when Shezam had her last vomit and taken to the hospital.


  • Pocus plunges down and splatted to the floor.
  • Magical and Abra were crushed by a fallen sand bag.
  • Kazamie smashes her head onto a mirror.
  • Trixie gets crushed by the act stuff that fell off the shelf.


  • Meaty smashes through the outside door.
  • Shezam vomits too much.
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