Filthy Friends: Actually Smart Insults is an episode of Behind the Tree Friends in the "Filthy Friends" section. This shows Sekai Yande saying different things making fun of different kinds of idiots on the internet.


["Against people talking shit"]

Sekai: I bet your ass is getting jealous about all the shit coming out of your mouth.

["Against people talking shit behind your back"]

Sekai: Oh, while you're talking behind me, feel free to bend over and kiss my ass

["Against those who say 'I fuck X times more people times you'"]

Sekai: X times 0 equals 0.

["Against homophobes"]

Sekai: You seem to like touching dicks when it's your own.

["Against racists"]

Sekai: Did you find a time machine? Because your point of view is medieval.

["Against actually terrible artists"]

Sekai: Wow. Vincent Van Gogh. Now all you have to do is cut your ear off. Wait, your drawings SUCK! So you're just going to be some asshole with his ear cut off!

Sekai's voice: Art history memes! :D

["Against people who troll with 'Problem?'"]

Sekai: Yes, my problem is that you're using a dead meme.

["Against Major Leage Gaming (MLG)"]

Sekai: I never though that sports were supposed to turn you fat and lazy.

["Against people who make unoriginal characters"]

Sekai: I would list all of the problems with this, but you listed all the problems.

["Against religious zealots"]

Sekai: The Bible said "Love thy neighbor." If you want to spread the word of the lord, learn NOT to be a hypocrite.

["Against people who say 'Switched to porn because it makes more sense'"]


[Sekai gets a knock on her door for her overblown reaction]

Sekai: ....*Under her breath* Fuck, I'm going to get kicked out....

[Sekai goes over to the door and speaks Japanese]

Sekai: もしもし?卿、私は英語を話すことはありません。卿、お願い、いや、いや!私は英語を話すことはありません!(Moshimoshi? Kyō, watashi wa eigo o hanasu koto wa arimasen. Kyō, onegai, iya, iya! Watashi wa eigo o hanasu koto wa arimasen! [Hello? Sir, I do not speak English. Sir, please, no, no! I do not speak English!])

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