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Fizzles is a fanon character of HTF.


Fizzles is a chipmunk whose most defining attribute are her braces which occupy a large part of her head, giving it a Saturn-esque shape. She’s a girl who both loves and represents a mix between Future Funk and Vaporwave aesthetics, dancing to the rhythms they offer whenever she can hear them. She’s normally found on dancing floors, where she shows off her dancing abilities alongside her rollies.

Due to her braces, Fizzles can’t eat solid food and they also make an obstruction whenever she talks; she eats exclusively blended foods, something that she despises with a single exception: soda. With its bubbly fizz, hence her name, and its mesmerizing taste, soda is her go to beverage to make eating slightly less disgusting for her; however, it should be noted that with her reliance on soda, not only did she develop an addiction for sugar, but it extends far beyond what one would expect.

With her fur dyed with the colors she finds the most charming, her love for soda extends to vending machines; she always finds herself looking at their contents in awe, shortly after managing to drain the stock entirely on her own.

Whenever she ingests anything that has too much sugar, mainly being soda, she enters a severe sugar rush. Combined with the unstoppable, funky rhythm that resides within her head, this leads her to do her favorite dance: the Sugar Spin Around; this results in her becoming a miniature tornado as she spins uncontrollably. Augmented with her braces, she becomes a living buzzsaw, shredding apart anyone or anything that gets on her way; on the bright side, the absolute carnage and disaster she causes ends up becoming her downfall, as it makes it harder, if not completely impossible, for her to get any more sodas. For the sake of everybody, including herself, it’s best for it to stay that way.

Her braces don’t stop there however. Even when not performing her deadly dance, their metallic materials make them attracted to magnets, conduct electricity with shocking results..and she can’t give kisses without leaving a few cuts.

She likes asian products because they mix with her aesthetic, making her a frequent consumer of ramunes along sodas made in asiatic neighborhoods. Having a huge konpeito stuck on her hair, which she uses as an overkill sweetener for her sodas, she carries a backpack alongside her, where she stores many soda cans in hopes of finding a soda dispenser to fill them up.

Shake like a soda while following Fizzle’s 80s groovy dance moves! ...just keep your distance.




She is insecure when it comes to her braces, since they make her a target for mockery and double as a hazard for anybody who stands too close, with her constantly apologizing to anybody she nicks with her braces. She is very energetic, even when low in sugar, dancing frequently and humming whatever catchy song she heard in the morning.

Whenever she enters her sugar rush, apologies are an afterthought as she becomes a destructive whirlwind, far too focused on the killer rhythms that resonate within her head.


Her fur is mainly colored light aqua while her hairstyle has pastel pink tones; her ears are dyed like her hair and resemble buns more than ears, further adding flair to her short hair, decorated with shiny sprinkles. She always wears her braces, which encircle her head, similar to how Saturn’s rings encircle said planet. Her right eye has a dilated, dim sky-blue pupil.

Outfit Soda Wavy/ Normal

She wears an entire, marine blue suit with the text “Soda Pop” in the center, the neck taking the appearance of a star. She also wears pastel pink roller skates with turquoise wheels and a pink backpack.

She further decorates her hair with a star clip, crystal pearl bracelets that keep her “buns” in place and a huge, fuschia konpeito candy.


Disco Bear: It is unclear whether Fizzles has a crush on him, as she did show signs of it at times. They are normally seen in the dance floors, competing against each other. Fizzles normally looks at it as a friendly competition.



  1. Taking Care of Fizz-ness
  2. Shaved by the Bell
  3. How Does Soda Fizz?
  4. Mistletoe Kringle
  5. Brace Yourself
  6. Stop the Spinning!
  7. Jawbroken
  8. Flashing Back
  9. Ring Of Fire
  10. When Our Lips Touch
  11. Sea of blood
  12. No So-duh
  13. Soda Jerk
  14. Flames That Fizzle
  15. The Tooth About Love
  16. Fizzle Wizzles


  1. Country Rock
  2. A Cam-pain In The Side
  3. Flying Colours
  4. Record Broken
  5. Happy Gull Lucky
  6. Twist and Shout
  7. Love is Bitter
  8. Allergy for One
  9. Cheer Up
  10. Fashion Show Biz
  11. Processing (original and current form)
  12. You Ain't Got Mail
  13. Face the Music
  14. Broke the Prize
  15. Get 'Em Like You See 'Em
  16. Spark Something Off
  17. Trouble with the Trolley
  18. Shark Be Nimble, Shark Be Quick
  19. I'm Under Attract
  20. Give Me a Leg
  21. Fency Seeing You Here
  22. Fight For Candy


  1. Hole-y Smokes
  2. Monster of a Mess
  3. Curse of the Wrappy
  4. Big Afro and Big Antlers
  5. Meteor Rights
  6. Shaky Breaky Heart
  7. Makes Zan to Me
  8. Batty Date
  9. Flynn Sees a Shrink
  10. Picture Solstice



Most of her kills come from her braces, especially during her sugar rush moments. Her deaths often involve getting crushed.

  1. Hole-y Smokes: Killed by the Platypus Aliens.
  2. Monster of a Mess: Mangled by six-ring pack.
  3. Country Rock: Killed in explosion (death not seen).
  4. A Cam-pain In The Side: Crushed by rubble.
  5. Brace Yourself: Crushed by anvil.
  6. Flying Colours: Crushed by a food cart.
  7. Record Broken: killed when Todd pops.
  8. Stop the Spinning!: Electrocuted.
  9. Jawbroken: Crushed by shelf.
  10. Ring Of Fire: Roasted alive.
  11. Allergy for One: Dies when Richie explodes.
  12. Meteor Rights: Crushed by meteor.
  13. Processing: Original form killed by building.
  14. You Ain't Got Mail: Drinks poison.
  15. Shaky Breaky Heart: Soda shoots through her face.
  16. Face the Music: Impaled by several objects. 
  17. No So-duh - Crushed by vending machine.
  18. Broke the Prize - Shredded by Quartz's quills.
  19. Get 'Em Like You See 'Em - Ran Over by Lia.
  20. Spark Something Off - Blasted and splattered.
  21. Trouble with the Trolley - Blown up by sodas.
  22. Flames That Fizzle - Impaled by a soda bottle.
  23. Picture Solstice - Blasted by a soda.
  24. I'm Under Attract - Head sliced by her own braces.
  25. Give Me a Leg - Smashed into Cinzia and a glass door.
  26. The Tooth About Love - Head set aflame.
  27. Fency Seeing You Here - Head twists off.
  28. Welcome Back to Hell - Has her face melted by soda.
  29. Fight For Candy: Stabbed In the heart by Blutty.
  30. Fizzle Wizzles - Lower half explodes.


  1. Prior to the series, she broke her jaw by tripping (seen in Flashing Back).
  2. Shaved by the Bell: Received cuts from shaving tools.
  3. Flynn Sees a Shrink: Missing some teeth.
  4. The Tooth About Love: Teeth misplaced and skull removed.
  5. Fizzle Wizzles - Slightly injured when she hits a stop sign, severely inflated by the soda in her body.

Kill count

  • Pierce - 1 ("Taking Care of Fizz-ness")
  • Hoppy - 1 ("Taking Care of Fizz-ness")
  • Nutty - 3 ("Taking Care of Fizz-ness", "Flying Colours", "Jawbroken")
  • Baldy - 2 ("Shaved by the Bell", "Processing")
  • Sparky - 1 ("Country Rock" along with Lumpy)
  • Toothy - 2 ("Curse of the Wrappy" along with Cryptie, "Happy Gull Lucky")
  • Petunia - 1 ("Curse of the Wrappy" along with Cryptie)
  • Disco Bear - 2 ("Mistletoe Kringle", "Broke the Prize")
  • Flippy - 1 ("Brace Yourself" along with Josh)
  • Doc - 2 ("Brace Yourself", "Flames That Fizzle")
  • Germy - 1 ("Brace Yourself")
  • Lumpy - 1 ("Flying Colors")
  • Mime - 1 ("Flying Colours")
  • Stacy - 1 ("Flying Colours")
  • Generic Tree Friends - 6 ("Flying Colours", "Happy Gull Lucky")
  • Eggy - 1 (Stop the Spinning!)
  • Buck and Chuck - 1 ("Stop the Spinning!")
  • Sniffles - 1 ("Stop the Spinning!")
  • Sackes - 1 ("Happy Gull Lucky")
  • Doppler - 1 ("Twist and Shout" debatable)
  • Mag - 1 ("Flashing Back")
  • Biohazard - 1 ("Fashion Show Biz")
  • Licky - 1 ("Fashion Show Biz")
  • Winora - 1 ("Fashion Show Biz" along with Licky)
  • Plushy - 1 ("Processing")
  • Coney - 1 ("When Our Lips Touch")
  • Paws - 2 ("Broke the Prize" along with Cro-Marmot, "The Tooth About Love")
  • Ice Pack - 1 ("Broke the Prize")
  • Russell - 1 ("Broke the Prize")
  • Amp - 1 ("Get 'Em Like You See 'Em" along with Lia)
  • Jerky - 1 ("Soda Jerk")
  • Smith - 1 ("Trouble with the Trolley" along with Soffie)
  • Candy ("Flames That Fizzle")
  • Soda ("Flames That Fizzle")
  • Rush - 1 ("Flames That Fizzle")
  • Emojie - 1 ("Shark Be Nimble, Shark Be Quick")
  • Handy - 1 ("Shark Be Nimble, Shark Be Quick")
  • Wrinkles - 1 ("Give Me a Leg")
  • Cinzia - 1 ("Give Me a Leg")
  • Others - 1 (Dodo and The zebra in "Twist and Shout" debatable)
  • Dexter - 1 ("The Tooth About Love")
  • Squabbles - 1 ("Fency Seeing You Here" along with Paca)
  • Stamp - 1 ("Fizzle Wizzles")
  • Stacy - 1 ("Fizzle Wizzles")
  • Chroma - 1 ("Fizzle Wizzles")


  • She was originally supposed to be a squirrel (first having lost her tail with bandages on her rump [a later design for Stacy], then with a soda bottle stuck to her tail). She also had different hair. These designs can still be found on the photo details.
    • This original design will appear in "Processing", among many other past designs/names/etc.
  • Most other characters couldn't understand what she is saying, similar to Wooly with them.
  • She is (possibly) the first girl to be attracted to Disco Bear. Signs were shown in Mistletoe Kringle and Big Afro and Big Antlers.
  • Much of her deaths involve being crushed.
  • According to her CTA, she drinks 8 glasses of soda daily (like drinking 8 glasses of water daily). 
  • As shown in Flashing Back, she got her braces after trying to bite a jawbreaker.
  • She was redesigned in 2018, changing her braces and removing the soda cans off of her ears. Anyways, she got another redesign by her new owner as well a revamp
  • Those little sparkles on her hair are just bits of sugar and glass.


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