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Flaky is a shy, red porcupine with white flaky dandruff on her quills (hence her name). She is known for being a coward and scared of many things, resulting in her often laughing nervously. However, on occasion, she has had moments of bravery and faced her fears. It has also been shown that she is a close friend to Flippy knowing personal information and about his condition. However, she is known to fear his other state, Fliqpy.

She has multiple fears and is very cautious of the state around him. As a result, she knows what it's like to die and knows what happens when death arrives.

Fan-Considered Theme Songs

  • Close Your Eyes by Daybehavior
  • Close Your Eyes (Activated Mix) by Daybehavior
  • Silhouette by Owl City
  • Brave by Sarah Bareilles
  • Bright by Echosmith
  • Ordinary Girl by China Forbes


  • Her gender was once a big debate for fans. In early 2012, it was announced by the creators she was indeed female.
  • It is a widely agreed headcanon that Lumpy, Flippy, and Flaky are best friends in their own little group. The episodes, "Kitchen Kringle" could support this through the picture hanging on the wall. The silhouettes in said picture seem to be of the trio.
  • She is mostly shipped with Flippy, which is the most popular couple in the fandom.


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