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Flip Defense is a game that is a parody of the Tower Defense games.


A bunch of Flippy-sues are rampaging their way into Happy Tree Town and you must protect the citizens by placing characters in random places and they will attack the enemies in a certain way. Whenever a sue is killed, you get money which you spend on more characters. If a sue reaches the end of the path, some blood appears and the bar on the bottom of the screen goes down. If the bar goes down to 0, then it will show an image of Flippy killing Toothy, with Movy, Josh, and The Zebra dead in the background.

Paths and Official Descriptions

Each path gets longer as it goes.

  • Simple Path - A straight line. If you choose this it teaches you how to play.
  • Squiggly Doo - Up and down and up and down!
  • Mix-Up - Overlap and under!
  • Long Path - So...tired...


Shop Characters



  • A Flippy-sue is killed if a shopped character manages to lower their XP to 0.
  • When a Flippy-sue passes the line, there is blood, indicating someone dies.
  • Toothy is decapitated, Movy is cut by her disc, Josh is impaled by paintbrushes, and The Zebra is crushed by his chain ball on the Game Over screen.