Four of A Kind is the first episode of the series Happy Tree Friends: Partners Collide.


At night, Flippy looks at his memories and he still feels okay, then he puts on his headphones. Days have passed and Flippy still seems fine. Later, Lifty and Shifty are seen running away, but it was a stupid idea because Shifty took Flippy's headphones and Flippy nearly flips out but immediately snaps out of it but does flip out and flip back several times. He can't take it so his evil version comes out of him and attacks him, smashing the headphones. But instead of killing Lifty and Shifty, he started a blackout and the tree friends gasp as everyone ran outside and try to find a way out. Flippy captures 16 tree friends (Including the real Flippy) and the other 6 ran off with Splendid and Cuddles, while Giggles and Lumpy didn't hear anything about it. Lumpy then asked Cuddles and Giggles to stop kissing and leave the town. Evil Flippy doesn't see them.

More coming soon.