Fourth of July Celebration
is a DVD celebrating the Fourth of July.

User Nicknames

  • Waterclam: Americlam
  • Robostarthebomb: Robostarthefirework
  • Idyemyhairpink33: Idyemyhairredwhiteandblue33
  • Loveh: Lovehthefireworks


  • Burnt Art: Josh makes art out of fireworks, which is not a good idea.
  • Country Circuit: Robo Star is hit by a firework and turned into 20's Robo Star, and everyone dies in holiday-themed deaths.
  • Lumpy Sam: Lumpy dresses up as Uncle Sam and accidentally fools everyone.
  • Flag and Report: Hippy cannot raise the American flag without hurting himself or anyone else.
  • First of July: Sniffles brings his guests on a travel to the first Fourth of July.
  • Declaration of Gore: The event of commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence is re-enacted in HTF style. Obviously, this means blood, and education for people only watching this while browsing funny cat videos.
  • Mystical Uncle: Cryptie tries to find the real Uncle Sam.
  • Dead Eagle: Stone kills two birds with one stone. Well, one bird.
  • Britain Wrath: In this 7-minute episode, Lumpy messes up the timeline and now the Revolutionary War was won by Britain!

Bonus Episodes

Openings to Parts

The episode begins with the cast at a Fourth of July party. Toothy, the host of the party, walks on-screen and begins narrating.

  • Part 1: Welcome to the Fourth of July Celebration! Watch the american tree friends die! In the first two episodes, Josh uses the wrong material for fireworks, and Robo goes 20's again.
  • Part 2: It's time for the next part of the celebration: Everyone thinks that Lumpy is Uncle Sam just from a stupid costume, and the American flag becomes harmful. Go launch your barbecues!
  • Part 3: Time for past stuff now! Sniffles brings everyone to the first Fourth of July, and watch your favorite tree friends re-enact the adoption of the Declaratan of Inde...Declar...this is so hard to pronounce!
  • Part 4: Time for another part of the celebration! Cryptie searches for Sam and Stone kills bird with one stone. Have fun!
  • Part 5: In the final part of the celebration, we have a 7-minute episode revolving around Lumpy again, whom time travels (again) and changes the timeline! The Fourth of July still is celebrated, however! In Britain...

After the episodes, everyone cheers, but Mole aims a firework at the ground on accident, and an explosion is caused and the cast is killed.

Additonal Deaths

  • On the front cover, Gothy is impaled and sent flying away on a firework. Raymond is also seen being killed by 20's RS, while Tussles screams in fear.
  • On the episode selection, Josh's head explodes from a firework.
  • On the back cover, Hippy is choked by an Uncle Sam hat.

Additonal Injuries

  • On the front cover, 20's RS is shown with the American flag impaled on his chest as he kills Raymond.
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