Name Foxy
Gender Female
Interests Fruits
Species Fox
Color Yellow
Relatives Wilbur (son)
Age  ???
Size Medium
Friends/Allies Ping
Gary, Larry, Mary, Jerry and Clary
Enemies/Rivals Chroma (prior the the 2nd Vote or Die)
Love Interests Figgy
The Squid
Kill Count 5
Death Count 30
First Appearance Foul Color
First Victim Ruddles
First Death Reject Revenge

Foxy is a fan character.

Character bio

Foxy was, at first, one of the losing characters in HTF1234's Vote or Die. But, she eventually becomes the winner in the second Vote or Die.

She's a yellow fox with tan markings. She's a calm character who is in fact very playful. Because of this, she has many friends.

Foxy is notable for her fear of water. She fears the water so much that she refuses to drink some. But apparently, she enjoys fruits, which are generally high in water. She never realizes that, though. The fruits are possibly her only way to prevent dehydration.

Foxy is also an expert survivalist. She knows almost anything that can be done to survive in a sudden harsh condition. However, she never realizes one obvious thing for survival, thanks to her fear.

Foxy's episodes

Starring roles

Featuring roles


Cameo appearances (prior to the second Vote or Die)


  1. Reject Revenge: Succumbs to poison.
  2. Expresso Yourself: Burned/drowned by coffee.
  3. Wetter is Better: Attacked by Wilson.
  4. Never Spoke of It: Splattered by Splendid.
  5. Spin Fun Knowin' Ya (Smith Version): Chopped in half by a chopped piece of wood.
  6. Helping Helps (Binky Version): Dies when Binky flies too close to a tree branch, decapitating her.
  7. Passion Fruit: Falls and snaps her neck and back.
  8. Three Bucks: She explodes.
  9. Young Love: Killed by the growing rock.
  10. Teeny Weeny Lemon Squeezy: Eaten by Munches.
  11. Cowboy Rescue: Run over by a truck.
  12. Trees Company: Falls down a crack.
  13. You Sting So Bad: Impaled on the back of the head by a projector.
  14. Hello, Chicken Express: Decapitated by the stop sign.
  15. Bake My Organs: Crushed by a table.
  16. Corpse Party: Killed.
  17. TGIF the 13th: Killed by Jason.
  18. Light as a Weather: Decapitated by a meteor.
  19. Flesh From the Oven: Killed offscreen.
  20. Broke the Prize: Her head is hit by a pearl. (debatable)
  21. River Spoiler: Splatters on the ground.
  22. Leave the Nest: Her body is destroyed and scraped by a pterodactyl.
  23. Open Season: Splits in half.
  24. Pain-Ball: Drowns in a pond after losing her lower half.
  25. In the Same Boat - Head impaled by a broken plank.
  26. Slice Cold Lemonade - Dragged into a blender.
  27. How Do You Love Me Now - Lower half being pulled off along with her organs.
  28. Imagination Manipulation - Drowns (offscreen).
  29. Made for Peach Other - Crushed by the elephants.
Seen in Fan Games
  1. Sweet Dreams: Hit by a wave and drowns (if all lives are lost).

Seen in Fan Comics

  1. Water Me: Killed in the explosion.


  1. HTF1234 Spectacular cover: Crushed by the number 4 from the DVD's title.


  1. Very Clam Journey: Impaled by broken pieces of wood.
  2. Pain-Ball: Her lower half is crushed by a tree.
  3. Love Down the River: Her tail bitten by a piranha.



  • Foxy got the third place in the first HTF1234's Vote or Die with 2 votes. However, she eventually becomes the winner in the second Vote or Die.
  • In Expresso Yourself, marking her first appearance as a non-cameo character, shows her actually ordering some juice, even though it's clear that it's a liquid (water). She might not know about juice and other beverages at all, though.


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