Freindship is Arty is a HTF Fanon episode.

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At a furniture store, Josh shops around for a new couch. As he does this, he suddenly comes up for an idea of a big picture. With this in mind, he comes out of the store, holding a carpet and unrolls it to make the sky. He gets another one to make the ground and another one to make the moat. He gets cardboard to make the hills and a white round rug to make the Moon. He then gets some grey furniture (chairs, couches, tabletops, lamp shades, clocks, shower heads and other furniture) to create the main castle. he then adds some pipes to make the gate and a wooden door to make the drawbridge. He then adds the finishing touches to the castle by adding purple carpets to make the rooves, yellow silk to make the flags and black price tags to make the arches. 
Big Picture - Castle

The castle picture made out of carpets, furniture and even a wooden door.

Soon Josh has finished his big picture and Sketchy congratulates him. The two become friends, Josh is seen painting a rocket and Sketchy is seen painting a flower. Then Josh finishes his sculpture of himself and shakes hands with Sketchy. Josh then seen making another big picture of a pair of scissors, with Sketchy assisting him. 
Big Picture - Scissors

The scissors picture also seen in this episode

The two artists soon head back to the furniture store and Josh gets an idea for a sculpture. He starts stacking chairs to create a sculpture of a skyscraper. Josh finishes his sculpture and Sketchy congratulates him. Josh licks his candy cane and accidentally throws it on top of the sculpture. Nutty, who is seen shopping, sees the candy cane and decides to get it. Nutty climbs the chairs and the sculpture starts to collapse. Nutty is crushed by the chairs. Josh and Sketchy tried to run away, but they weren't fast enough and got crushed as well. Herman sees the wrecked sculpture. The episode ends when he grabs a chair.


  1. Nutty is killed when the chairs collapse.
  2. Josh and Sketchy are crushed by chairs


  • Herman can be seen sleeping on a bed when Josh gets a door to make the drawbridge.
  • The castle picture can be seen again in the third episode of Series 11 of Josh's Big Picture Showcase, along with the dirt car from Trash Talk and a sax player made at Crazy's jazz concert. Also the scissors picture is seen again in the ninth episode of Series 10 along with a scorpion made at a desert and the army helicopter from Scout Ahead.
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