This article revolves around relationships that are not considered a couple, but more of the friendship and/or conflicts a character has with others. Every friendship/conflict is listed from A-Z. It only lists the characters they have interacted with. Friendly Rivalry is part of it, which is somewhere between doing friendly things together and sometimes going against each other. If it is something more serious, the article should be put in a new article instead. For example "Britton and Pierce".



Episodes suggesting Friendship

Britton and Howdy were seen in Warning they fired at Trippy, Superspeed, and Robo Star until they said they were not Platypus Aliens.


Episodes suggesting Conflict

In Experimentickle, Britton and Meaty tickle tortured Pierce.

In Treebook, Pierce writes on Britton's log, calling him a "foot-fetish freak" Britton responds with "O hai, badass as f**k."

Robo Star

While the two almost never interact in the series, in Treebook, Britton writes on Robo Star's log saying about if he remembered when they were enemies, Robo Star replied saying "lets not speak of it again" possibly meaning they had some conflict earlier but stopped.

In a RP Blog, Robo Star acts friendly toward Britton and Beth when they were playing a video game

Sir Gron

Once again, the two never interacted in the series, despite this, Sir Gron wrote on Britton's wall in Treebook saying some medieval language, which Sniffles translates as "Want to destroy the ant family for torturing Sniffles?" Britton replies "Indeed.", possibly indicating friendship.


Episodes suggesting Friendly Rivalry

In a RP blog, Britton tickles Superspeed.


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