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Fungus is a fanon character of Happy Tree Friends.

Character Bio

He is a brown-green skunk with messy fur. He is well known for his love of garbage - he sleeps in a trash can and eats thrown-away food, though his favorite food is day-old pizza.

He carries a bad smell which usually makes other characters sick and occasionally they vomit when he passes by. He is often seen with waving green stink lines above him, which disappear and reappear frequently. Fungus sometimes uses his odour as an advantage (as seen in Bank You Very Much, where he sprayed to clear space and avoid waiting in line). He never takes a bath due to his fear of water.

He doesn't seem to have many friends because of his smell, with the exceptions of Lumpy and Rotty (Lumpy is stupid and Rotty is dirty like him). Josh can be friends with him sometimes. He also has a crush on Petunia, though she hates him because of how unsanitary he is. But that doesn't stop him from making "efforts". The closest he came to winning Petunia's heart was in Cologne Again, where he gave up his filthy ways to impress her. Petunia gave him a kiss, causing him to spray his odor back and ruin everything.

Fungus' Episodes

Starring Roles

  1. Trash Day
  2. Fungus' Litter Smoochie
  3. The Smell of Love
  4. Down 'N' Dirty
  5. Court Odour
  6. Too Bath, Too Sad
  7. Down in the Dumps
  8. Quadruple Date
  9. The Art of Trash
  10. A Good Unclean Fight
  11. Trash Talk
  12. Monster of a Mess
  13. Cologne Again
  14. Must Flea TV
  15. Dirt Poor
  16. Spray it Like You Mean it
  17. No Fun in Fungus
  18. Bath Timing
  19. Lickin' the Garbage
  20. Oh, Scrap
  21. Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet
  22. Dirty Dozen
  23. Dutch Oven
  24. Freshen the Air
  25. Tomato Tomat-OW!
  26. Trashing Our Fun
  27. Trash, Boom, Bang!
  28. Stink, Stank, Stuck
  29. Candle Kringle
  30. Stink Differently

Featuring Roles

  1. Brain Dead
  2. Nail White Part 1
  3. A History Be Known
  4. Torn and Rip's Revenge
  5. We are the Camp-ions
  6. Better Early Than Ever
  7. Bottling it Up Inside
  8. Fates Around the World
  9. Hawk Attack
  10. You Can't Beach Me
  11. Diseasy Does It
  12. Sick to the Plan
  13. Neat Freakout
  14. Sleepy-Time's Over
  15. Litter Bitter
  16. Don't Spray It
  17. Sweet Smelling and Sour
  18. Greedy Greedy Tree Friends
  19. A Tale of a Lost Tail
  20. Scrappyland
  21. Anger Mismanagement
  22. Shower Powerless
  23. Pie And By
  24. High and Dry
  25. Corn on the Rob
  26. Law and Odor
  27. Confusion Fusion
  28. Script to Pieces
  29. Big Deal!
  30. Pollution Solution
  31. Get Back Here with my Trash
  32. Noc Nocturnal
  33. Playing Dirty
  34. Astro-Nutcase
  35. Very Clam Journey
  36. Striking Fear
  37. Off the Beaten Truck
  38. I'm On Tiger
  39. Blown Away with the Wind
  40. En-durian the Pain
  41. Doctors Strange
  42. Claw the Way Out
  43. Candy Giant
  44. The HTF Clown Killings
  45. Royal Fan
  46. Glitter Bugs


  1. The Night of the Dolphin
  2. Nail White Part 2
  3. Splendid's Space Adventure
  4. Escalator Haters
  5. One Last Crusade
  6. What's the Motor?
  7. Are ya Thirsty Pardner?
  8. Bank You Very Much
  9. Hot Rot
  10. Oh the Memories!
  11. The Big Save
  12. The Sign of Evil
  13. Simple Pollution
  14. Super Zero Plus One
  15. Shell Shocked
  16. Catch That Bus
  17. New Leaf
  18. The Big Three Oh!
  19. Mascot in the Act
  20. Alternate Universal Remote
  21. What a Pretty Pity
  22. Pointless Rules
  23. For the Hundreth Time
  24. The Frog Princess
  25. Rest in Yeast Part 1
  26. Kick Some Assassin
  27. Random's Act of Silence
  28. Bugged at the Museum
  29. The Gland Tour
  30. Face Closed
  31. Leaf Her Alone
  32. Switching Sizes
  33. When Shipper Comes In
  34. Koala Nose Best



  1. Trash Day - Crushed by a trash compactor
  2. The Night of the Dolphin - Eaten by a killer whale
  3. Brain Dead - Crushed by Lumpy's car.
  4. Smoochie 1 - Chokes on a six-ring pack
  5. Smoochie 2 - Impaled by glass, scissors, and a picture frame.
  6. Smoochie 3 - Suffocates from choking on drinks and being covered by a large pile of cans.
  7. Nail White Part 2 - Run over by Lumpy.
  8. Splendid's Space Adventure - Killed by Splendid when he messes up the earth.
  9. Torn and Rip's Revenge - Killed by Torn.
  10. Escalator Haters - Sucked into an escalator.
  11. We are the Camp-ions - Decapitated by a tree branch.
  12. Down 'N' Dirty - Killed in a trash explosion.
  13. Court Odour - Clubbed to death.
  14. One Last Crusade - Killed by Sir Gron's helmet (debatable, could have been knocked out)
  15. Better Early Than Ever - Sliced by paper.
  16. Fates Around the World - Falls into a volcano.
  17. What's the Motor? - Run over by a wheel.
  18. Too Bath, Too Sad - Electrocuted to death.
  19. Hawk Attack - Killed offscreen by Hawkeye.
  20. Are ya Thirsty Pardner? - Head explodes from beer.
  21. You Can't Beach Me - Drowned from a wave.
  22. Hot Rot - Possibly burnt to death (debatable).
  23. Bank You Very Much - Shot by Lumpy.
  24. Down in the Dumps - Stabbed to death by a crowd of gangsters.
  25. Diseasy Does It - Pushed down a hill.
  26. Sick to the Plan - Head knocked off by water balloon.
  27. Quadruple Date - Boiled by hot soup.
  28. The Art of Trash - Killed in trash compactor.
  29. Neat Freakout - Drowned by Petunia.
  30. A Good Unclean Fight - Shredded in garbage disposal.
  31. Trash Talk - Sliced into cubes by a fence.
  32. Sleepy-Time's Over - Shot by Pierce.
  33. The Sign of Evil - Drowns in his own vomit.
  34. Monster of a Mess - Eaten by maggots, roaches, spiders, rats, and a mutant.
  35. Simple Pollution - May of been killed by the idol. (debatable)
  36. Cologne Again - Dies from heart attack.
  37. Super Zero Plus One - Strangled by boa constrictor.
  38. Litter Bitter - Punched into space, hit by asteroid.
  39. Don't Spray It - Crushed by Leif.
  40. New Leaf - Run over by Lumpy. 
  41. Sweet Smelling and Sour - Impaled by Petunia's air freshener.
  42. The Big Three Oh! - Killed by Flippy's bomb.
  43. Must Flea TV - Scratches of most of his skin.
  44. Greedy Greedy Tree Friends - Falls off bridge and drowns.
  45. A Tale of a Lost Tail - Suffocated by Stacy's spray.
  46. Scrappyland - Crushed in garbage truck.
  47. Dirt Poor - Jumps down a well and splatters.
  48. Shower Powerless - Splattered by water.
  49. Spray it Like You Mean it - Ran over by Lumpy.
  50. Pie and By - Pierced by Flaky's quills.
  51. No Fun in Fungus - Crushed by tree.
  52. Bath Timing - Impaled on a disgarded knife.
  53. High and Dry - Drowns in sewer water.
  54. Pointless Rules - Impaled by various sharp items.
  55. Corn on the Rob - Killed in barbecue explosion.
  56. Law and Odor - Killed by garbage truck.
  57. For the Hundreth Time - Eaten by orca.
  58. Script to Pieces - Squashed by garbage truck.
  59. Big Deal! - Squashed by Petunia. 
  60. Lickin' the Garbage - Dies due to bad smelly stinky breaths.
  61. Rest in Yeast Part 1 - Compacted by a garbage truck.
  62. Pollution Solution - Decapitated by squid.
  63. Oh, Scrap - Impaled face-first on a knife.
  64. Get Back Here with my Trash - Smashed in the head with a pan.
  65. Noc Nocturnal - Neck snapped.
  66. Playing Dirty - Killed when hose explodes.
  67. Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet - Turned into a worm and stepped on.
  68. Dirty Dozen - Impaled by Tromp's stick.
  69. Kick Some Assassin - Blown to bits by a bomb.
  70. Freshen the Air - Decapitated by Petunia's necklace.
  71. Astro-Nutcase - Head burst by water.
  72. Random's Act of Silence - Sliced by elevator doors.
  73. Very Clam Journey - Cut into pieces by broken glasses.
  74. Bugged at the Museum - Suffocates from gas.
  75. Trashing Our Fun - Impaled by litter stick.
  76. Striking Fear - Impaled in the eye by bowling pin.
  77. Off the Beaten Truck - Squeezed into the exhaust pipe.
  78. Trash, Boom, Bang! - Cut into pieces by a broken trash can.
  79. Leaf Her Alone - Eaten by mutated rafflesia.
  80. Blown Away with the Wind - Organs puled out.
  81. Stink, Stank, Stuck - Eyes poked out.
  82. En-durian the Pain - Decapitated.
  83. Doctors Strange - Scalped.
  84. Claw the Way Out - Smashed into the ground.
  85. Candy Giant - Stepped on.
  86. When Shipper Comes In - Chocked on and gets poisoned by a perfume.
  87. The HTF Clown Killings - Shot by multiple knifes.
  88. Royal Fan - Fan embedded into head.
  89. Glitter Bugs - Crushed by trash can.


  1. Trash Day - Gets burned and loses his arms and tail.
  2. The Smell of Love - Gets air freshener sprayed into his eyes.
  3. Court Odour - Attacked by Moldy and feral dogs.
  4. Bottling it Up Inside - Impaled by glass.
  5. Too Bath, Too Sad - Gets shampoo and hot water in his eyes, gets his tail pulled off by the drain, and gets his fur burnt by a hairdryer.
  6. Cologne Again - Punched, pulls off scalp, boiled by hot water, run over by ambulance.
  7. Don't Spray It - Sprayed in the eyes by Stacy.
  8. Anger Mismanagement - Tail cut off by cutlass.
  9. Spray it Like You Mean it - Loses his tail in a car accident.
  10. Pollution Solution - Loses his entire lower half. 
  11. Oh, Scrap - Foot is ran over by Lumpy's garbage truck.
  12. Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet - Gets his feet cut off.
  13. Dutch Oven - Tail cut off by window.
  14. Blown Away with the Wind - Skinned from the waist down.
  15. Claw the Way Out - Choked.
  16. Stink Differently - Tail severed, both eyes tazed.
  17. Glitter Bugs - Left arm is skinned.

Kill Count

  • Cuddles - 2 ("Must Flea TV", "Stink, Stank, Stuck" debatable)
  • Giggles - 2 ("Court Odour", "Must Flea TV")
  • Toothy - 1 ("Must Flea TV")
  • Lumpy - 2 ("Must Flea TV", "Pollution Solution")
  • Petunia - 6 ("Trash Day", "The Smell of Love", "Court Odour", "Cologne Again", "Must Flea TV", "Freshen the Air" along with Rotty)
  • Handy - 3 ("Quadruple Date", "Must Flea TV", "Anger Mismanagement")
  • Nutty - 1 ("Must Flea TV")
  • Sniffles - 1 ("Must Flea TV")
  • Cub - 2 ("Court Odour", "Pollution Solution")
  • Flaky - 1 ("Must Flea TV")
  • Mime - 1 ("Must Flea TV")
  • Russell - 1 ("Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet")
  • Trippy - 1 ("Trash Day")
  • Robo Star - 1 ("Down 'N' Dirty")
  • Moldy - 1 ("Hot Rot")
  • Sparky - 1 ("Must Flea TV")
  • Herman - 1 ("Must Flea TV")
  • Perry - 1 ("Anger Mismanagement")
  • Scurvy - 1 ("Anger Mismanagement") 
  • Toad - 1 ("Spray it Like You Mean it") 
  • Hippy - 1 ("Spray it Like You Mean it" along with Stacy
  • Stacy - 1 ("Spray it Like You Mean it")
  • Drake - 1 ("No Fun in Fungus")
  • Slop - 1 ("Bath Timing")
  • Todd - 1 ("I Want Board" along with Cryptie)
  • Generic Tree Friends - 1+ ("Spray it Like You Mean it")
  • Filthy - 1 ("Corn on the Rob")
  • Indy - 1 ("Confusion Fusion")
  • Bun  - 1 ("Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet")
  • Rigg - 1 ("Off the Beaten Truck")
  • Squabbles - 1 ("Off the Beaten Truck" along with Walter)
  • Walter - 1 ("Off the Beaten Truck" along with Renee)
  • Others - several fish ("Trash Day", "Pollution Solution") and a bird ("Candle Kringle" debatable)
  • Nester - 1 ("Stink, Stank, Stuck" along with Cuddles)
  • Kibble - 1 ("Stink, Stank, Stuck") 
  • Kendall - 1 ("Candle Kringle")
  • Kringle - 1 ("Candle Kringle")


  • Petunia and Fungus are both skunks, however, they are polar opposites (Petunia is neat and clean whereas Fungus is filthy and messy).
  • The season 1 promotional poster for Fungus did not have a circle on his belly. This was fixed in later posters.
  • According to a fact, Fungus was originally meant to be either Petunia's brother or cousin. It was later decided he would be someone with a crush on her.
  • Petunia is his most frequent victim.
  • The episode Hockey Bag Blues indicates he could play hockey.
  • As of 2020, he now wears a sock necklace, has mold spores on his face and two mushrooms on his head, fitting with his name. His fur was also changed to become messier and his eyes and teeth were yellowed.


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