Funky Skunk (or simply Funky) is a HTFF character.

Character Bio

Funky is a blue spotted skunk who dons a blue spotted flower on his head and a matching pair of pants, as well as a lava lamp necklace. His body is covered by splotch-like markings and his hair is styled to resemble a skunk tail.

Funky is a lot like Disco Bear due to his interests in music and girls. However, he wears rose-colored glasses that make him see anything or anyone in a positive light - even when they are actually the opposite in reality. This is what usually leads to his deaths.

Other than this, one common thing he sees is a female skunk named Splots with similar characteristics as him. 

Speculations about Splots

One popular theory was that Splots is a mere figment of Funky's imagination for the perfect dream girl. Another theory is that Splots was actually Funky's original self, before undergoing a sex change operation and recieving amnesia, only seeing glimpses of his past self as a separate entity.

A previous theory was that Funky and Splots were twins separated at birth. This was debunked false for obvious reasons.

In Out of a Funk, it was implied that Splots was Impy in disguise. However at the end of the episode, Funky Skunk sees a new version of Splots through his newly-bought glasses.






  1. The Girl with the Lava lamp Necklace - Crushed by a mirror.
  2. Spike Up Your Left - Killed in an explosion.
  3. Razor Vision - Decapitated.
  4. Shine Through the Gems - Eyes impaled by broken glasses.
  5. Bumper to Bummer - Boiled to death.
  6. Tiny Dancer - Flattened by the golden sphere.
  7. Shave the Day - Crushed under a bucket.
  8. Nimy Nimy Never Gets - Crushed by bookshelf.


  1. Razor Vision - Throat sliced.
  2. Nimy Nimy Never Gets - Hair set on fire.


  • Pranky - 1 ("Splot the Difference")
  • Lustly - 1 ("Out of a Funk") 


  • Like actual spotted skunks, Funky can do handstands.
  • Splots was originally a solo character but was deemed too bland. She was then remodeled into Funky Skunk, a long-standing concept in the creator's mind.
    • Splots' name is a portmanteau of 'Dot' and 'Splotch'. She was originally named Dots as well as having a X-Mas tree necklace, more spot-like patterns as and being a purple tinge. * They are the first spotted skunk characters.
  • After Fungus and Stacy, Funky is the third skunk character created by LOD.
  • Funky (Splots back then) was one of LOD's display characters who was given a page and permission for use.
  • Prior to Out of a Funk, Splots lacked her hair, glasses and beret. She also had more spots on her face like freckles. Now she has one spot that resembles a mole.


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