Gady is a Creepy Cryptid Friends character by Yellow-Spider-Kitty.


Gady is a purple Madremonte. She wears a straw hat and has purple hair. She mainly works at a gardening store. She is shown to love her plants more than anything, though a lot of others see her as crazy, especially seeing how she even talks to plants. The plants she grows are really abnormal as they were grown on soil that is formed by dead tree friends. Because of this, she often kills normal tree friends to use their remains as soil. Behold her plant life. She is extremely unstable.


Starring roles

Featuring roles



  1. Mr. Potato Head: Tongue and brain pulled out.
  2. The Garden of Raymond: Melted by nuclear waste.
  3. Gady's Blooming Smoochie - Bouncy: Chomped down by her own flower.
  4. Gady's Blooming Smoochie - Shady: Zapped by lightning.
  5. Gady's Blooming Smoochie - Floaty: Splattered against the screen.

Kill count

  • Nymph: 1 ("Watering the Plants")
  • Mothey: 1 ("Watering the Plants")


  • Her wings are usually folded.


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