Gash is a character of HTFF.


Gash is a brown spotted hyena who loves bullying and scaring others, but it's actually a failure. As spotted hyena, Gash has several dark spots on his body and his back. He sometimes seen with one boxing gloves, which only showing off that he's "strong". His teeth also appears to be crooked.

Gash is mostly known for bullying others that he thought weak. Also love to scare everyone he sees, but since he's actually stupid, he always causing troubles toward himself instead of others. Even the weak ones are safe from him actually. He never lands a punch or a kick to someone he wanted to bully.

He will picks up a fight towards anyone anything else that got into his way. Gash will, of course, fight them in ridiculous and nonsense ways. Gash always hurting himself while fighting something, also might harming someone else(other than his target) by accident.

Some others will find out that Gash is actually harmless for them and also annoys them, as how stupid Gash is and how he "bullying" someone. He might always harming himself, but does he can harming someone else that's not his target by accident. He doesn't notice it anyway. All these times, Gash is really a failure for a bully.






  1. Flower One's Guard - Sliced in half by indestructible flower.
  2. Cheers for Tears - Killed by Cheerup's venom.
  3. Shop 'n Scare - Punches himself in the face.


  • Flower One's Guard - Foot impaled by the flower and tossed away by the explosion.
  • Get Rekt! - Beaten up by Greenish and injured from the car crash.

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